Prices and Services: Signature Cakes

In addition to custom cakes, Samantha offers a selection of signature cakes for all occasions.

  • 6-inch, 3-layer cakes: starting at $50 (serves 6-10 people)
  • 8-inch, 3-layer cakes: starting at $65 (serves 10-16 people)
  • 10-inch, 3-layer cakes: starting at $85 (serves 20-30 people)
  • 12-inch, 3-layer cakes: starting at $125 (serves 25-35 people)
  • 14-inch, 3-layer cakes: starting at $150 (serves 35-45 people)
  • 16-inch, 3-layer cakes: starting at $200 (serves 60-75 people)

Prices do not include tax or delivery. For delivery rates, please see FAQ.

It’s Your Birthday Classic

Yellow sponge with your of choice vanilla or chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and rainbow sprinkles
Includes a personalized fondant birthday plaque.

Fluffy Coconut Dream

Coconut cake with dulce de leche filling and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream

New School Chocolate and Bourbon

Devil’s food cake with bourbon caramel filling and chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream

Old Neighborhood Tiramisu Cake

Vanilla sponge soaked in espresso with mascapone filling and shaved chocolate topping

Lemon Meets Raspberry

Lemon olive oil cake with raspberry jam and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream

Berkshire Buttermilk and Strawberry

Buttermilk cake with fresh strawberries, pastry cream, and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream